BBNaija Reunion Episode 2 Highlights 2021 for Lockdown Housemates

BBNaija Reunion Episode 2 Highlights
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#BBNaija Reunion Episode 2 Highlights … The host Ebuka kicked off today’s show by introducing the topic of discussion, which is “Love Triangles,” and how they came to be.

Dorathy provided Ozo various pieces of advice on his relationship with Nengi in a short video clip. Following the video clip, Ebuka questioned Ozo about why he always seeks Dorathy’s advice.

Ozo stated that Dorathy was the first person with whom he formed a bond, claiming that the first night he spent in the House, Dorathy shared her bed with him. His bond with Dorathy, on the other hand, was strictly platonic and had no romantic overtones. He also mentioned that he saw Dorathy as a buddy with whom he felt comfortable addressing his problems with Nengi.

Ebuka then questioned Ka3na on a remark she made about Nengi being a side chick. Ozo has always been attracted to Dorathy, according to Ka3na, but his dilemma is that he likes her personality but not her physical look. Wathoni replied briefly that she believes Dorathy had feelings for Ozo, but that it was a one-sided relationship because Ozo was chasing Nengi.

Dorathy stated that she had no feelings for Ozo but had always adored Prince, which is why she took a step back when she realized Ozo was involving her in his love triangle. She stated that she felt hurt after speaking with Ozo on certain issues but Ozo will move on to discuss her opinions with Nengi.

Prince backed up her story, saying they’d had similar conversations before and that he’s convinced Dorathy had no feelings for Ozo.

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The event’s climax came when Ka3na revealed a discussion he had with Ozo before the last Saturday night party, in which Ozo told her that his family and friends were upset with him for following Nengi around during the show. She went on to say that Ozo informed her he wanted to exact revenge on Nengi, so they devised a plan for Ozo to ignore Nengi during the party. Ozo, on the other hand, categorically denied having had such a talk with Ka3na. Ozo was never in love with Nengi or Dorathy, according to Ka3na, and was only flirting with both of them.

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