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The focus of today’s reunion event was Prince and his relationships with Tolanibaj, Dorathy, and Lilo.a

Prince and Tolanibaj Failed Relationship

Prince and Tolanibaj Failed Relationship

At the ongoing BBNaija reality show, Prince Nelson discussed his connection with Tolanibaj. While in the BBNaija house, Prince was involved in a love connection with Tolanibaj.

Following his eviction from the show, the Prince told Ebuka in an interview that he liked Tolanibaj and that they were still working on their relationship.

Prince mentioned on today’s reunion episode that Tolanibaj and her admirers were trolling Dorathy on social media because they thought he was still with her.

Prince also declared firmly that after the house, he had no ties with Tolanibaj and that she was his biggest life mistake. Prince claimed that his team cautioned him not to get involved with Tolanibaj after he was booted from the house because she is harmful for him.

Prince and Lilo Kissing

Prince and Lilo Kissing

Tolanibaj revealed she observed Prince and Lilo kissing behind the bus as they prepared to return to their hotel rooms after their all-white party, and she claims she saw them kissing in front of her. She expressed her dissatisfaction with the act.

Lilo defended herself by admitting that she kissed Prince at the time, but that she did so while inebriated and unaware of what she was doing; nevertheless, their kiss did not last five seconds since Prince cut her off on time.

Prince and Dorathy Unfollowing Each Other

Prince and Dorathy Unfollowing Each Other

Dorathy stated why she unfollowed Prince from practically all of her social media accounts.

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She explained that she believed Prince was being untruthful to her because he never told her that he was dating Tolanibaj after they left the BBNaija house.

She expressed her dissatisfaction with being blinded and disoriented since she didn’t understand why Tolanibaj was always harassing her on social media.

Dorathy revealed that she learned of their connection two months before to the reunion concert. She further revealed that she blocked Prince on all social media sites because she did not want to be a part of the feud between Tolanibaj and Prince.

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