BBNaija 2021 Airtel Sharelympics Task Winner – Pere, Emmanuel and Liquorose

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Emmanuel, Liquorose, and Pere won Airtel’s “Sharelympics” task. As part of this Task, Airtel displayed their new “Airtel Family Plan,” which is designed specifically for families to stay connected.

To complete the Task, the housemates were divided into two families and had to play a series of games that required them to cooperate together.

Family 1 Family 2
Emmanuel Cross
Liquorose Angel
Pere Whitemoney


Off to the Arena

The first game the Housemates played was a jigsaw puzzle. They were given two boxes: one with the puzzle pieces and the other with a reference image to assist them. Family One was the first to solve the challenge, despite the fact that the Task was fast-paced.

The big foot race

In the second game, each family raced through the track on the floor using the given boards. Before starting their race to the finish line, members of each team placed one leg on each board and held on to the ropes linked to the boards.

The egg relay race.

The Housemates were obliged to run with a spoon and a replica egg in their mouths, similar to the relay game. Starting at the start, one family member ran through the track, passing the ball on their spoon to the family member standing next to them, who then passed the egg to the last family member.

The blindfold game

Each family nominated one representative for this game, who was blindfolded and instructed to touch the branded Airtel milestones to claim the Airtel Family Plan printed on them as they made their way to the finish line. Pere was chosen as Family One’s representative, and he checked all the boxes in record time. Cross was chosen by the second family.

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The Charade game

The geng played “Family Charades” in the last game of the Airtel “Sharelympics” Task. The goal of this game was to see how well they understood their Housemates. They were given a box containing the names of current and evicted Housemates, and they took turns acting out their chosen Housemates in four rounds of Charade. Each time a guess was correct, five points were rewarded.

Winner of 2021 BBNaija Airtel Sharelympics Task

The geng didn’t have to wait long to find out what had happened. Biggie’s statement that Family One had won was unsurprising. They will be given a cash prize of one million Naira. We congratulate you, Emmanuel, Liquorose, and Pere.

Everyone in the house will get the Airtel Family Plan once they get their phones.

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