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Sammie is putting the heat on, and we’re ready for it. A good love story is something that everyone enjoys, and it’s even better when it happens right in front of your eyes (and millions of others across the continent).

Something between Sammie and Angel is developing, and we believe it will earn them the coveted (by our standards) title of “First Ship of the Season.” This duo is raising eyebrows with their antics, and while it’s too early to tell (it’s only been two days), we could be looking into a love relationship in the coming weeks – or even days!

On Monday night, Sammie and Angel snuck away from the main House and spent some quality time in the garden. Sammie was informed by Angel that she was tired and that her feet hurt. Sammie, dressed in gleaming armour, went to work, kneading away all her concerns.

Sammie seemed really interested in the conversation — and he took his time. Sammie appeared to be profoundly invested in the talk — and took his time. Angel opened up about her life outside the House, and Sammie seemed to be passionately invested in the conversation – and took his time. Angel held to her daybed with tenacity, clearly enjoying the effort her own masseuse was putting in.

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