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Saskay, a BBNaija housemate, has disclosed that Cross pulled a prank on her and Jaypaul by handing them a condom after the Saturday night party.

On Sunday morning, the Adamawa native told the housemates about it at the salon.
Cross allegedly approached Saskay and Jaypaul after the party and handed them a condom while also giving them some foolish advise, according to Saskay.

Cross came up to us and handed us one condom. “At first, I assumed he was high, but then he advised us to be careful and then he left,” Saskay recalled.

Nini claimed that Cross had done the same to her and Saga. She believes he was ordered to do so, according to her.

“Cross came to where I and Saga were discussing to give us one too.

“Honestly I felt It was an Instruction that was given to him I didn’t know he was just being silly,” she said.

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