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How Can I Send Message to BBNaija TV Screen

Here are three methods you can send your message to Big Brother Naija and ensure that your ideas appear on the BBNaija tv screen if you are a die-hard BBNaija fan.

While watching the BBnaija show, you must have seen other people’s opinions and comments flash over your television screen, and you’re undoubtedly wondering how you may show your own. Well, look no further because we’ve got you covered with our step-by-step instruction on How To Make Your Message/Comment Appear On BBNaija Tv Screen While Watching BBNaija.

BBnaija Tv Screen Message Guide: See How You Can Make Your Message/Comments Appear on Big Brother Naija 2021 TV Screen Live

Below are three alternative ways to send Big Brother Naija your messages/opinions and have them appear at the bottom of your BBNaija TV screen.

Using Africamagic tv/bigbrother msg2tv Website

On the Big Brother Naija website,, you can send a message to the show. To send a message, go to MSG2TV and sign in with your Facebook account or personal information. Create a message and send it once you’ve checked in, then keep messaging Big Brother Naija throughout the season to stay in the loop.

Using Africamagic tv/bigbrother msg2tv Website

  • Visit the Africamagic big brother msg2tv portal
  • Click on the Facebook log in tab and sign in your Facebook account to take you back to the website.
  • In the message box, type in your comment/opinion you will like to show on big brother naija tv screen.
  • Click on the Send Message link below to submit your message for approval by big brother. upon moderation, your message will be displayed on big brother naija tv screen
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2 Step: Facebook

You can also use the BBNaija Facebook page to submit your message to the TV. By simply adding #BBNaija to your posts and comments on Facebook, you may send a message to Big Brother Naija, and your message may be shown on television.

3 Step: Twitter #bbnaija

Active Twitter users can use the hashtag #bbnaija to have their message displayed on the big brother naija tv screen. After you’ve sent your tweet, you’ll need to wait and watch for your own message to scroll.

NOTE: Messages must be authorized by Big Brother before they display on your television screen, so stay attentive to your television to avoid missing the moment when your message shows.