Full Details About Nini’s Secret Task Given to Her by Big Brother

Big Brother Gives Nini a Secret Task
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Big Brother Gives Nini a Secret Task

Biggie is known for having something under his sleeve at all times! This week, he’s opted to spice things up for Saga and Nini’s relationship, as well as the rest of the BBNaija House.

Similar to the House trick Big Brother played on the geng last week, one of the Housemates will become the primary character of the Season’s Shine Ya Eye theme today. Saga had to finish his mission of ignoring her, which he failed badly at!

Biggie asked Nini to participate in a prank during Nini’s Diary Session, which could be one of the Season’s biggest House tremors.

Nini has been given the task of vanishing from the house for 24 hours, commencing around midnight. Nini will be guided by the Games lounge to the secret entrance, where she will wait until the House has fallen slumber.

Nini will be escorted to a room for the next 24 hours. While in the white room, she will have access to the house’s activities via a TV monitor.

The Prank

Nini will be missing in the morning, and the rest of the house would be clueless as to her whereabouts. Of course, the Housemates will call Big Brother and get no response. Nini must act as if she has been in the House the entire time when she returns after a 24-hour hiatus.

What a test for you, geng! We can only guess what the Housemates will be thinking about tomorrow. This prank can be done in a number of different ways. Biggie has an uncanny ability to keep the House sweltering!

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We do, however, have many questions. How will she be able to rescue herself from the clutches of her adoring bestie Saga? Do you think she’ll be able to keep it from Saga for the remainder of the day? Will Nini be able to pull it off and surprise us all?

We’re excited to see if she can stay in character for the entire 24 hours of her disappearing performance, because Saga told her the other day that she’s a wonderful actress (her newfound talent).

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