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All 22 housemates entered the Big Brother arena to compete in the first Head of House games, with the game’s winner being crowned. The Head of House will have unfettered access to the Biggie lounge, a one-week job to lead the house, and immunity from nomination for elimination this week. The winner will also be able to choose a deputy Head of House with whom to share the lounge.

Week 1 Head of House

The housemates had to finish a 35-step game that had various hurdles that they had to overcome before moving on to the next step. The housemates must accomplish the steps within the time provided. Before beginning the game, each housemate must row a six-sided die and move according to the dice rowed. The game is expected to be completed in 70 seconds by all of the housemates.

Yerins was the first housemate to start the game, but luck was not on his side, as he only made it to step four. Nini made it to step 6 before being buzzed out since her permitted time had run out. The housemates performed in this manner.

  • Yerins – 4
  • Nini – 6
  • Saga – 0
  • Princes – 0
  • Cross – 4
  • Maria – 15
  • Boma – 5
  • Peace – 16
  • Yousef – 4
  • Beatrice – 6
  • Niyi – 11
  • Angel – 0
  • Pere – 11
  • Tega – 8
  • Sammie – 11
  • Rose – 0
  • Jaypaul – 11
  • Arin – 0
  • Whitemoney – 10
  • Saskay – 4
  • Emmanuel – 0
  • Jackie B – 8

Following her incredible 16-step performance, Peace was declared the victor of the Head of House game for week one, and she is now immune to nomination for the week, as well as having exclusive access to Biggie’s lounge. She nominated Yousef as her deputy as a result of her election and position as Head of House.

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