Winner of BBNaija 2021 Munch It Task – Emmanuel and Angel Wins N750,000

Winner of BBNaija 2021 Munch It Task
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Munch It gave the Shine Ya Eye House a Task, which featured some exciting and engaging games for everyone. As is typical, the Housemates were separated into teams by a random drawing.

Teams Housemates
Team Sweet Surprise Pere, Whitemoney & Saga
Team Cream & Onion Cross & Queen
Team Cheesy Stix Nini & Liquorose
Team Classic Delight Angel & Emmanuel

After forming their teams, housemates gathered in the main room to watch a movie and listen to the Munch It jingle before playing a game of “Ayo.”

Game time

In this Ayo game, each team nominated one player to represent their team. Team Cream & Onion faced off against Team Sweet Surprise, and Team Cheesy Stix faced off against Team Classic Delight. The game became a little more challenging when the Housemates were constantly checking to see if they had followed the directions and rules. They rapidly learned how to play the game and were able to do it with ease.

Picking a winner was difficult because the game ended in a draw, and deciding whether or not to play to establish the winner sparked debate. So, what are our options? Should they wait for Biggie to make his selection, or should they keep going until they find a winner? They eventually agreed to continue playing after much consideration. The team’s winners were Saga and Nini.

Munch It Jingle dance

Choreographing a dance routine to the Munch It jingle was the next task. In the hopes of winning this round, each Team split up to rehearse their dancing moves in various areas of the House. An hour later, they were all summoned to the Arena to demonstrate what they had been practicing. Each team was brought to the stage very immediately to do their Munch It Task dance routine.

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Name a song

Each team was given 20 seconds to come up with a Davido song title that began with the letter that was displayed on the screen. The squad received five points for each correct song. Three rounds were given to the squad in which they had to perform three of Davido’s songs. Team Cream & Onion were the first to take the stage, however they couldn’t come up with a song. The other three teams were each able to come up with one.

Throw balls

For this exercise, housemates took turns throwing as many balls into either of the huge Munch It bowls as they could in under two minutes. As a result of Team Cheesy Stix’s inability to get any ball in, Biggie made them take three sachets of Munch It as a penalty. Second place went to Team Classic Delight, and third place went to Team Sweet Surprise.


In this hurdle, each team competed in a game of charades with a twist. They were forced to make educated guesses about the other Housemates’ names. Because it wasn’t difficult to figure out who was who, this round went smoothly for all of the teams.

Penalty Shoots

For the final challenge, the Housemates had to score as many goals as they could while blindfolded. Each team had a representative who was blindfolded by a member of the other team for this game, and the other members of the playing team had to assist their representation to the assigned spot in front of the small goal post.

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After the buzzer rang, each team’s representative had two minutes to shoot as many balls as possible into the net. For each goal, five points were awarded. The ball was given to Team Sweet Surprise first, but they felt Liquorose was slow to send it across and that they were not given a fair advantage. Regrettably, Biggie and other players thought their squad had an unfair advantage over Liquorose’s. The competition was won by Team Cream & Onion, followed by Team Classic Delight.

Winner of BBNaija 2021 Munch It Task

Winner of BBNaija 2021 Munch It Task

Munch sachets were generously distributed to the Housemates. It happened right after the game concluded. Angel and Emmanuel’s team, Classic Delight, was judged the winner and received N750,000, while Cross and Queen’s team, Cream & Onion, received N500,000. Liquorose won N250,000 for being crowned Non-Stop Entertainer.

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