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Before we get started, let’s refresh our minds by watching the top moments from the Lockdown season again, which can be found here.

We had a little discussion with the wonderful Ebuka, who gave us a summary on things that surprised him at the Reunion, what fans should expect, which Housemates brought all the drama, and much more as he returns as the Host for the sixth season.

Here are four things to expect from the Lockdown Reunion, according to our able Host… Are you ready?

  1. “For the first time ever, EVERY single Housemate from the Lockdown Season attended the Big Brother Naija Reunion.”
  2. “There were a lot more love triangles and squares than I thought there would be.” Can you figure out which Biggie’s Housemates made these shapes?
  3. “Our largest fight was between two ostensibly friends, and our first reunion was between two long-time enemies.”
  4. “Trikytee is an expert in everything!”

Ebuka also noted that there were a few jaw-dropping moments, and that even the Housemates were surprised to learn how little they knew about each other. “I’m looking forward to seeing how the fans react as well,” he added.

That’s it, Naija, some Lockdown Reunion sprinkles to keep our appetites watering while we wait for the drama to arrive on our televisions. Can you make any Reunion predictions yet? Tell us using the hashtag #BBNaijaReunion on social media.

What to Expect From the Lockdown Reunion


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